KreaGeja is an online shop that creates handcrafter products and raw materials for customers. if you are looking for products that you want to use at home, you can rely on KreaGeja to have those products for you. You will no longer have to search for a website that sells home products. The site has them all for you.

We only create handcrafted home products that we make from scratch. We rely on our team of artists who love their work. It is more of a passion than a job. All the products that we sell our customers are made from high-quality materials and created with love and passion for the arts.

We want to accommodate as many customers as possible. We do not want you to be held back only by the mode of payment that you are capable of paying. You can pay for our products through debit card, credit card, PayPal, and even cash on delivery.
All items are checked from the moment you order. We guarantee that our products have passed quality control and assurance. But if in case, there is a problem with your products, you can communicate with us through our contact page on how you can return and get a refund of your payment.
If a client wants to order several items of the same product. If in case you are one of those customers, we are offering a special discount just for you. You can request a quote for your order and we will give you voucher codes for your product request and you can use it upon checkout.

Yes, we do. You can browse our affiliate program offer to see our terms and conditions for our partner sites who want to be an affiliate of our company.